partridge in a pear

present shopping done.

days ahead of eating christmas treats.

and many vacation days from work, almost here.

with visits from friends, and visits to family.

& then, 2010.


a.word.a.day wend



verb tr., intr.: To travel along a route.

From Old English wendan.

If you've ever wondered why we have the peculiar form "went" as the past tense of the word go (go, went, gone), today's word is the culprit. "Went" is the archaic past form of "wend". In current usage, the past form of wend is wended. The word is typically used in the phrase "to wend one's way".

december evening

finishing christmas presents.

trying to keep warm. furnace roars, constantly.

thinking about all the time ahead, with friends & family.

a little surprised each day, how early night comes.

wondering what will come, and what will go, in the new year.


december afternoon

last night baked a gingerbread (cake) recipe that called for a cup of guinness & a cup of molasses. along with a ton of ginger. not only was it the tastiest, it made my house smell delicious.

I shared it with friends & bourbon. and ate it for breakfast too.

been fighting an urge all weekend, to take a long nap. thinking I could wake up and feel rested, in mind and body. somehow trying to prepare for a new year. closing one book, and opening another.

for the weekends ahead, it will be nothing but holidays.


seasonal hello

seriously, how does it know its (almost) christmas?


o tannenbaum

I put a little bit of holiday on my mantle.



(a picture from the barn.)

I don't know what works.

but, I wish I did.


the snow

It makes an even face
Of mountain and of plain, --
Unbroken forehead from the east
Unto the east again.

-Emily Dickinson


snow coming

the weather looks snowy in the next few days.

baking bread made my house smell warm. and it will be tasty with some soup, on a snowy evening. or just with some cheese & jam, which may be supper tonight.

this was a new recipe. I realise now it just looks like a big zwiebach, but it is actually a style of bread called a "cottage loaf". I got the recipe from an old neighbor. (thank you again!)

with snow, I hope comes some productive evenings ahead.