happy birthday, william faulkner. I believe you'd be 111 yrs old.

thanks for being so brilliant. you and your "little postage stamp of soil" of which you wrote about.

even though I'm pretty sure I stopped thinking about being a writer, when I discovered the bar at which you set. It pained me really. As I read "As I Lay Dying". And sunk into the reality of what powerful skill truly is.

"The poet's voice need not merely be the record of man, it can be one of the props, the pillars to help him endure and prevail."

little dresses

i can't seem to stop. these dresses keep pulling me to my sewing table.

of course, if you saw my niece in one of these. you'd totally get it. just wait until I start making coordinating pants for cold weather. I might go crazy.

but I'm always a sucker for being able to put fabrics together.

and I've realised this pattern will easily grow up with her. which gives me a reason to just keep buying fabric.


little adorable

this weekend, started some little dresses for my smiley-niece. they are on the big side, as so is she. but also for her to grow into. I've been buying fabrics for awhile. And may go out and buy more today.

it kept me occupied some hours. kept me home at night rather than out. which is what I needed.

and oh yeah. booties. little felted booties. so cute, how could I not buy this pattern?

sorry for the dark photos. it is a dark morning. summer quickly fell right into a cold-ish, rainy fall. let's hope that while camping next week, the weather brightens up a bit.