this "utensils" is one of the images I found from the Library of Congress Flickr site. still so very cool. not just in the imagery, but because it is meant for people to comment on--and help the LOC learn where the photos were taken & and who the people are. it is basically, a form of living, breathing research. so I wrote all of this awhile ago. in checking it again, I realised they are adding & removing. and a whole new set of photos have arrived. including this one below, called "saying grace before the barbeque dinner". The colors of the women's dress. As well as the movement of the men removing their hats. The site is moving history book. I can't get enough.

in small towns, it is easy to encounter juxtapositions of what is "modern" and what is "old". On Saturday night, I spent the evening with a friend. She brought her sewing machine over. And we sewed, chatted and had cocktails. A variation of something, women have done together for ages. (I'm thinking the cocktails are the modern-touch)

I've always been drawn to the old & the vintage. My old house is full of old things. I'm drawn to arts that rely upon handiwork. History books fill my shelves. I think it is only because, these things have proven their existence, and their longevity. I believe in them.

of course, I love my "new" things. like my computer. the internet. my computerized sewing machine. I just don't trust them as much.


waiting for the outside

the chilly windiness of the outside has made me rethink my over-exuberant ideas of planting the tomatoes and basil this weekend. looks like the nights would be cold enough that I'd have to cover them at night.

but this basil, (Thai, Genovese & "Large Leaf") is so ready to go outside.


yesterday, while the sun was briefly shining, I did put a new patch of mint in the backyard. visions of mint juleps.

or, mojitos.


great things list #10, dance party

under the red glow. with the stars out above. and cocktails everywhere.

little known outside of the fair city of Lawrence. is the knowledge of the funtimes to be had. during the spring & summer, while a dj plays out back at the Replay Lounge.

fortunately, I got a reminder last weekend. with my dear friends.

(the live music inside, performed by friends, was an added bonus)

at the end of the night, when I didn't get to walk back to my old house (as I used to), was bittersweet. but maybe dance parties are best when rare, rather than routine.


day for earth

the first morning-glory sprout.

plants purchased for planting. salvia. petunias. coleus. mint.

time to hire someone to mow the lawn.
or just frickin' do it myself.

it is a pretty day here, for earth day.


today's a.word.a.day

suspire (suh-SPYR) verb tr., intr.

To breathe; to sigh.

[From Latin suspirare (to breathe up), from spirare (to breathe)

(E. note: As one can expire, so one can suspire.)

This word seemed mighty appropriate. For how I'm feeling today. The past seven days have definitely given me a reminder. To breathe in new air. And keep myself going.


sun patterns

the air seems warmer. or maybe it is just the sunshine
this morning making it seem so.

this week's weather is going to be great for everything that wants to grow. (making mental note to plant more bulbs around the Apricot tree)

this weekend I'm looking forward to an overnight trip back to my old home. I'll be tagging along, to see friends. and to have a drink in a favorite bar.
but first, I must work this week. to earn the fun near the end.



new growth. the basil seedlings, some now at a month-and a few days.

turkish rug. happily accepted from my stepmother. who felt she no longer had a place to display it. (of particular importance, is that she bought this while shopping with my best friend, in Istanbul) the Grey Kitty promptly showed her napping-approval. leaving a patch of fur.
some day it will be on a wood floor, in a newly painted white room. (when am I going to just take this project on? it hounds me)

lemon balm regrowth. (suggested as a must have last year by my friend t.)
it already looks triple the size it did when planted.

more signs of things I planted in the fall.

sprouts, from the compost in my garden bed.

also new, is that my little company has been purchased by a bigger one. and we now wait. to see what other new things this might bring.

this weekend I'll be acting as a delegate for our congressional district caucus. a new experience. with my new Obama tee.

--and, it is rainy here. which is good for everything growing outside. but makes my hair fuzzy.

--hoping that in 2-3 weeks. I'll be planting tomatoes. or, other new things...outside.

and finally yet most importantly new, my niece and her growing chunkiness & cuteness.


pop up

always fun to see what I've planted, show up.

especially after a drudge of winter.
nice to see some bright colors outside again.