the lovely weekend...

waiting for company to arrive. with my house clean & lots of little plans.

made blueberry muffins. drank coffee on the porch.

there was a sunny bicycle ride around town. which ended when the old Flyer got a flat. and then it was a sunny walk back home for me.

a couple of meals in the backyard. this one with shandy made with Ad Astra Ale. mmm.
then baked lemon butter cupcakes, it was my birthday after all.

then with a couple few cucumber lime margaritas, some late night Dutch Blitz.
in which best friends are driven to start cursing, yelling & laughing at each other.

on my own again, I'd reserved the day for sunshine.
but the wind & clouds came instead. so some sewing. and I have
a little napper as company.


just one of my new favorite photos.
(mom at a camp stove & in the mountains on mem day weekend)


great things list #19

may flowers for a birthday.


the lovely spring days of may

my favorite kind of birthday card came in the mail.
the kind that has been cut & glued & drawn.

and along with a present from mom, came peonies, 
my favorite kind of birthday flower.

also this weekend was sunshine, antique store shopping with a best friend, a brother to help me with some house repair & a visit from the niece & nephew, who came bearing tater tots and slushies.


time of year again

 an early birthday present. as every year.

a darkest purple iris blooming.

little basils on the back porch.

zinnias coming up.

and a chubby kitten getting yelled at to quit digging holes in my garden.

thank you Kansas springtime.


a.word.a.day - eolian

aeolian or eolian


adjective: Relating to or caused by the wind.

After Aeolus, god of the winds in Greek mythology. As keeper of the winds, he gave a bag containing winds to help with Odysseus's sailing.

"It would not be surprising if a few features -- even very large ones -- were sculpted by aeolian processes into the pyramidal forms we see."
Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan; The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark; Random House; 1995.


mother's day

this is how fortunate I am.
the mothers in my life, who have never failed in their unconditional love & support for me.

happy mother's day.


on the Hacienda, from SMU Library collection

Tehuana woman, SMU Library collection

Yucatan woman, from the LOC collection

viva el cinco de mayo.
(photos found on The Commons)


in the air

signs today that spring is really here.
happy frog organic fertilizer, tomatoes planted & dirt warming in the sun.
new flowers from the garden center.

iris blooming along my fence.
& I got chased out of my garage by a huge bumblebee.

woke up feeling stuffy from pollen in the air.
& I found my kitten in the garden.



pretty spring showing in old new mexico.