with harvest over. and the 4th now past. we've past summer's mid-point. now we get the heat.

we had a storm last night. one of those summer things that blow a strong hot wind, then crack & thunder, rainy. then you wake up to wet morning air.

realizing how i'm not ready to lose summer yet. last night I munched on a salad made mostly of freshly-picked tomatoes & cukes.

and the morning light is so much brighter than winter's.

the cicadas hum as the sun drops. I find their outer shells in the morning, tucked into my garden plants.

and the fireflies come out. like night sky glimmers.

if only it wasn't too hot to bake some cookies.

(image found courtesy of Google's Life archive)


105degrees and roma tomatoes

a fat green roma tomato, an heirloom plant. which my mother gave to me.
over a hundred degrees today.

the tomatoes surely enjoyed the heat.

summer seems to be moving too fast.

my thoughts are not moving along with it.